Monday, February 2, 2009

Cool it down...please.....

I've been very slack at updating this blog for the last 6 weeks, which must be very boring for those of you who do read it (I hope someone does!). With a relaxing Christmas break at the beach and catching up on some overdue home renovation projects and then a sudden trip interstate to the beautiful, but very warm Sydney, not to mention the awful heat wave here in Melbourne last week, I'm afraid it's taking me a long time to get moving again............

But.....I have been motivated to get some more recycled leather jewellery made, and I even resurrected a design which I haven't produced for a while - the "Sensu", which in Japanese means "fan".....maybe it was the heat that motivated that one! I've thrown in a photo of the black and white version for your viewing pleasure. As always, these newbies are up on my Etsy online store.

And I'm putting a date in my diary to visit blogland again soon!


  1. Welcome back De! Hope you & the boys are well.... hey... don't feel bad about slackness, we're all the same :)
    Off to check out your Etsy shop now.
    xxxx Fi

  2. Wow you've been busy again!! Gave you a plug tonight in fede land - you inspire me Ms De :)
    Miss you xx


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