Saturday, October 18, 2008

A common thread

Today I received a message from a fellow Etsy seller, the lovely Amy of FormFire Glassworks. She has featured Mainichi on her blog. Interestingly, she too has a background in design and architecture and is now a Mum and part time crafty type. Check out her amazing work at left and online at her Etsy shop. I keep forgetting to mention all the other wonderful bloggers and people who have mentioned me on their blogs and websites including FeDe, Craft Queensland, Kim at Craft Victoria, Emma of Emerge, Carolyn of Indie Art and Design and lastly Indesign Live.

The latest splurge

Yes, yes, it's been quite a while since I last stopped by my blog and updated it. The reason is I have been very busy getting together some work to send off to a new retailer in Perth called "William Topp". My Etsy shop is doing great, getting lots of visitors and making sales. That's good news, because just as I recieved the order from Perth my sewing machine decided to hold a stop work meeting. For good. So I figured this time rather than buying a $50 special from the Trading Post I would shout myself a new machine, with all the whizz bang features that will make me so much more efficient. Leaving darling boy with darling Hubby it was time to venture off to the nearby Spotlight store for some child free browsing. After being told I should buy an industrial machine for heavy duty work (yes I know but who has the space??) I came home with a nifty little Toyota quilting machine. And I am quite chuffed with it. So here's a photo of my current workspace with said new machine and lots of bits in the process of being completed.