Monday, December 15, 2008

A favourite

Just thought I would stop in and post a picture of one of my new favourite pieces, just listed on my Etsy shop. This is one of my recycled leather, felt and fabric "Mushi" brooches, this time in very bright, summer colours of white, black, hot pink and turquoise.

A shipload of these (obviously all different!) have just made their way to Artisan at Craft Qld and Counter at Craft Vic in time for Christmas sales.

I am also rather partial to the black background for this photo rather than the usual white.......what do you think?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hello again

Forgive me blog readers for it has been 27 days since I last updated my blog. In some calendars that equates to one whole month....Well all I can say is it has been a busy time.

I've said farewell to a few commitments these last two weeks and I'm starting to feel the load who knows I may just make a visit to blogworld more frequently in months to come.

Anyway whilst I've been offloading and taking delivery of a new kitchen (so exciting!) the lovely Carolyn at indie art and design has been writing up a feature interview we can see it on her site/blog here along with some lovely pics that she retrieved from my Etsy store.

Speaking of that, sales have been doing great, and I've been busy adding some colourful new it's time to get my head down and tail up and start sewing again.

There's a little taste of what's new posted here in a pic....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Green and clean

I found this great Etsy store while checking out the Treasury. Based in NYC this Italian born artist, Patrizia Iacino (who has a degree in Architecture - yes another of the same ilk!) uses recycled material such as the rubber bands from bundles of vegetables and "upcycles" them to create interesting pieces of precious jewellery - how cool is that! Check out this ring created from broccoli rubber bands and visit her etsy shop and website to see some more.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A common thread

Today I received a message from a fellow Etsy seller, the lovely Amy of FormFire Glassworks. She has featured Mainichi on her blog. Interestingly, she too has a background in design and architecture and is now a Mum and part time crafty type. Check out her amazing work at left and online at her Etsy shop. I keep forgetting to mention all the other wonderful bloggers and people who have mentioned me on their blogs and websites including FeDe, Craft Queensland, Kim at Craft Victoria, Emma of Emerge, Carolyn of Indie Art and Design and lastly Indesign Live.

The latest splurge

Yes, yes, it's been quite a while since I last stopped by my blog and updated it. The reason is I have been very busy getting together some work to send off to a new retailer in Perth called "William Topp". My Etsy shop is doing great, getting lots of visitors and making sales. That's good news, because just as I recieved the order from Perth my sewing machine decided to hold a stop work meeting. For good. So I figured this time rather than buying a $50 special from the Trading Post I would shout myself a new machine, with all the whizz bang features that will make me so much more efficient. Leaving darling boy with darling Hubby it was time to venture off to the nearby Spotlight store for some child free browsing. After being told I should buy an industrial machine for heavy duty work (yes I know but who has the space??) I came home with a nifty little Toyota quilting machine. And I am quite chuffed with it. So here's a photo of my current workspace with said new machine and lots of bits in the process of being completed.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Eyes and ears

Unveiling the newest addition to the Mainichi line....dangly leather earrings. They are a steal on my Etsy store for under fifteen bucks a pair.....good stocking fillers. These particular earrings feature a layer of FLUORESCENT pink vinyl......gotta love a touch of the 1980's.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hearts and Craft

The latest issue of Australian House & Garden Magazine (October 2008) features a little story called "Hearts and Craft" about 3 craftswomen, one of which is guess who....none other than Mainichi......very exciting!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Off to a new home

This lot of Mushi brooches is off to a new home at Craft Victoria's retail outlet "Counter" for sale to enthusiastic craft lovers.....hurry in if there is something you see there that you like. They are all one off pieces you know and apparently they have been very popular with Craft Vic customers!

Also here is my latest addition to the range - some Mushi bag charms/keyrings/tokens, whatever you would like to use them for really!

I'm also going to create these as stay posted. This lot has just gone up for sale at the very reasonable price of US$7.50 on my Etsy store.

An eye for detail

I've just come across the Flickr page for the wonderful and talented Kat Frost who was the photographer for my catalogue - an image of which you can see above. That's model Esther (see previous month's post) wearing the "Tanoshii" necklace. Please take a look at Kat's work also seen to a greater extent on her website. Kat resides in the UK but was kind enough to loan her styling and artistic talent to our photo shoot for Mainichi while visiting the sunny shores of Oz. Thanks Kat! We miss you!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

In good company

Just thought I should post a link to the Craft Victoria "A month about making" online catalogue. You'll see the Umi brooch here featured amongst some good company in the form of lots of talented craftspeople from throughout Victoria.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Model behaviour

Yes, it's been a while, but looky here, two posts in one day! Just had to brag again about the gorgeous Esther Anderson (smaller photo above courtesy of Channel 7) who was the model for the Mainichi catalogue shots seen online here. She is now starring as Charlie in TV soap Home and Away! And not only that but she was also in the latest edition of WHO Magazine's 100 Sexiest People! Congratulations Esther. Just remember us when you are really famous....need any jewellery for the red carpet??!!

Eco that French you are speaking?

The lovely Canadians Guylaine & Isabelle at Tomate D'epingles have featured Mainichi on their blog. Take a look at their etsy shop, they too are fellow leather recyclers and make some fabulous creations from leather including earrings and rings such as the clever creation shown here.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Variation on a theme

This is a special piece I've created for the talented Emma (check out her blog apronsandhammers). Emma sells very cool leather pieces under the label Emerge. She is also very skilled at crochet and I acquired one of her Helix scarves, in exchange for this necklace. I call this piece "Shinzo 2" and it is a variation on an existing design (Shinzo).

The red, white and blue was Emma's suggestion, as was the touch of silver, which I've achieved by using some lovely cord acquired on our last visit to Tokyo. *Sigh*

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hmmmm.....the wheels are turning

Yes the wheels are turning, but there's not enough grease and oil in there to really get things cranking today. Lack of sleep thanks to darling son last night and a stressful day yesterday finalising my piece for Craft Victoria's members exhibition "In the Making" for their August festival "A month about Making".
I've posted a pic of the piece, called "Umi", this was a new design created for an exhibition earlier this year for Craft Queensland 's Artisan Gallery, entitled "Unleashed 2008: Objects of Desire". Stay tuned for more crafty input.